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Consulting & Technical Assistance

Consultation & Technical Assistance

Lyndon Cudlitz: Consulting, Education & Training provides consultation and technical assistance for businesses, organizations, schools, governments, and individuals. These small-to-large-scale services are designed to improve quality of services, attract and retain employees, increase business, reduce legal risk, and enhance knowledge and skills. Complimentary Consultation/TA services are also provided as part of most training contracts.


2018 FMCC

Policy Review & Development - Whether you need an expert eye for a quick edit or assistance developing a new policy.

Facility/Environment Assessment - Learn how improve your space for LGBTQ individuals coming through your door.

Program Development Assistance - Get that new project or program off to the right start, and strengthen the ones you maintain.

Document Review & Development - Whether you need an expert eye for a quick edit or assistance developing a new document. 

Resource Collection & Referrals - Leave it to the professional to create that resource list for your organization or that one client.

Case Management Participation - Enhance client outcomes and your team's strength by adding an LGBTQ expert to the mix.

Facilitation - Need a skilled facilitator for your meeting? Starting an LGBTQ youth group and looking for an regular facilitator?

One-on-One Training -  Catch that new staff member up to speed. Pick a pro's brain about all those identity and terms.

Individual Support & Mentorship - Provide your client or family with an empowering, non-therapeutic place to ask questions.

Sounding Board - Video, phone, email, and in-person meetings for every time you want to ask "Can I pick your brain about something?"

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