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Beyond 'Who Gets the Check:' Navigating Mixed-Class Relationships
6:00 PM18:00

Beyond 'Who Gets the Check:' Navigating Mixed-Class Relationships

If you’ve ever dated or been in a relationship with someone from a different socio-economic class background, you may have felt as though you’re operating in different languages...and you’re right. This interactive workshop examines the vital role class holds in our relationships as we navigate sexuality, family, and big & small decisions.

We will create space to examine how class interacts with other dynamics of race, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender, ability, and more. Join us for an exploration of our challenges and hopes, and leave with tools for better communication and action to support the health of our mixed-class relationships.

Sliding scale $6-25 (pay what you are able). All sexual orientations, genders, and relationship configurations welcome. Come on your own or with significant other(s)!

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