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Beyond Who's Got the Check: Navigating Sexuality in Mixed-Class Relationships
10:00 AM10:00

Beyond Who's Got the Check: Navigating Sexuality in Mixed-Class Relationships

Workshop at the Sex Down South Conference. Co Facilitated with Cavanaugh Quick

Dating, loving, or having sex with someone from a different socio-economic background can sometimes feel as if you’re operating in different languages – because you are. Class interacts with all of our identities, and shapes everything from the way we make decisions to whose opinions we are willing to trust.  In this workshop we will closely examine the specific ways that class interacts with sex and sexuality. Together we will identify and explore our values and desires for ourselves and our relationships; participants will leave with tools for communication and reflection in order to support health, equity, and transparency in mixed-class relationships. 


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3:00 PM15:00

Organizing Across Class Differences in Our Movements & Workplaces

If you've ever worked or organized with people from different socio-economic class backgrounds than yourself, you may have felt as though you're operating in different languages...and you're right. This interactive workshop examines the vital role our individual class backgrounds hold in our movements and workplaces, from donor relations to organizational culture. We'll explore more economically just tools for supporting the health of our work environments, organizing efforts, and selves. Co-facilitated with Rosy Galván.

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